Next february I will be heading to Asia to start my solidarity world trip.

And you are probably wondering…¿What is the project about? Don’t worry you are about to find out…

Mochilero Solidario: A solidarity project around the world

The dream of discovering the world that we live in, with a backpack and no flight back, has been swirling around my head for the last years. At one point I realised that this kind of decisions – the ones that can be a turning point in our lives – are usually delayed because of our own excuses. Sometimes it’s a job, sometimes a person, and others our own fear…

I realised that there is no perfect moment for it, you just have to go for it and trust your intuition. So my moment is finally here: I quit my job to travel around the world. I wanted it to be something more challenging, and the idea of building a solidarity project came straight to my mind. This will add more sense to the trip.

What is the project about?

During the next months I will combine my backpacking trip with different solidarity missions in each country I’ll visit. I’ll travel through Asia, Oceania and South America (without dismissing other continents).

In every country I’ll travel I’ll visit schools, orphanages, communities and local NGO’s to do my bit with non-monetary contributions and volunteer tasks. Thanks to the platform Trip&Drop, which allows you to locate these organisations in any country and see the necessities they have (clothes, school material, shoes, medic material, food, volunteer tasks…) I will do a tour visiting these places and I will buy everything they need with the donations that people may give during my trip. The money raised will be entirely spent in this project and the idea is also to promote the local business of each country: everything will be bought on site.

I want to share with you everything that I will undertake. My experiences, my impressions of the world and the places I’ll visit. I want to dedicate time to others, to people who need it. I want to feel that I’m doing something useful, something that positively and directly affects society.

Donations' Platform:

The donations that people decide to give in solidarity, will be made through one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms on the market: This will allow you to know and see, in each moment, how much money has been collected and also the security of having it in a safe place. As I keep traveling, I will use that money to buy everything the schools, orphanages or any other organisation need. Also, through my blog, my Instragram and Facebook account I will show what I have bought and how I have spent the money.

It is important to highlight the fact that the trip is funded 100% by my savings. The money raised in this platform will be all used to purchase the material that the schools, orphanages or any other organisation I visit, need. I will not give money directly to the schools to avoid a misuse of resources. I will just make non-monetary contributions and I will make sure that the money  is well invested and is directly helping the kids. I want it to be 100% transparent and thanks to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube I will show you where the money goes, how I invest it and who are we all helping.

niños del proyecto solidario en tailandia
Playing football with some kids in Siam Reap, Cambodia

Mochilerosolidario is inspired by the message of «if you never try you’ll never know» that Chris Martin sings so rightly. It is born with the believe that we must take some risks to find out what motivates us to get up in the mornings with a smile. But above all, it is born from the deep of my heart. And that’s what I hope you find in this universe that I show you today: to see yourself reflected, to give you the same eagerness of moving always forward than it does to me, to feel excitement of doing what you really love even if it costs a lot of effort, but above all, to not stop trying. And don’t you worry because «lights will guide you home …» or wherever you want to go.

If you have any questions or you just want to collaborate in some way, please send me a message or contact me through Instagram or Facebook. I will be happy to read and exchange opinions and / or resolve doubts you may have.

To make a donation click on the following link: